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Cow leather
Tuck detail Oxford Black to blue burnishing detail Zigzag embroidery Engraved logo on heel Upper body Natural leather used (Italy) Due to the natural leather used, minor scratch or tendons can be found Oil marks can be found which made during the tanning process and cannot be considered as a defective product Shoes can be tight for the first use and change after usage, adapted to your walking Red leather sole A crust leather sole has been used for the shoes It has a natural bright beige color and is finished with water-based treatment which can cause stain upon contact with wet towel or wipes Take caution to avoid slippery ground such as marble or other tiles A non-slip shoe tape or rubber sole can be added to the shoes if necessary
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1. Each shoe can have different leather condition due to the natural leather used 2. Wind dry under shade and avoid the humid condition 3. Color migration can occur due to the natural leather used, please avoid white or bright colored socks 4. Use soft cotton flannel to clean and cold-cream or leather cream 5. If necessary, visit a leather shoe expert for the care 6. Upon storage, wrap shoes with soft cotton and avoid direct sunlight, humid condition
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*A shoehorn should be used when wearing shoes. *There may be tendons, spots, marks due to the nature of natural leather and cannot be considered as a defective product. *Discoloration and deformation may result from direct contact with water. *Avoid humid, wet conditions and expose to direct sunlight. *Fading, discoloration and deformationmay may occur naturally after usage.